20 years AGRECOL


AGRECOL-Logo During the 80s a number of people who thought that the green revolution was more of a problem than a solution and who thought that organic & sustainable agriculture would be more suitable to the needs of farmers in the tropics and subtropics joined hands to form a network of likeminded professionals.

In 1988 this loose network was transformed into AGRECOL association and a networking liaison office was opened up in Langenbruck, Switzerland.

After working successfully for several years, the networking centre in Langenbruck and its Board, composed mainly of donors, thought to be a suitable step to “regionalise” the networking activities to Africa and Latin America. In the 1990s, two regional entities were founded, one in Senegal (AGRECOL-Afrique) and one in Bolivia (AGRECOL-Andes). They went through different processes because of different local situations and are nowadays working fairly independently from AGRECOL Association, with only occasional contacts and information sharing.

AGRECOL association’s main focus is still on networking for people working in the field of organic agriculture and sustainable agriculture in the South – with strong emphasis on local knowledge, small farmers, participatory approaches and innovation development starting from people’s own innovations.


AGRECOL offers professionals with a similar perspective on rural development a forum for dialogue, exchange of experience and further learning.

AGRECOL holds 2 members meetings per year (one of which is usually family-friendly, i.e. the topic is usually dealt with in a less heavy and more fun way) and organises larger events like AlterOrganic or ClimAdapt occasionally.

Anyone interested in AGRECOL is invited to join one of our biannual meetings. Please contact us at info@agrecol.de. You can also join the OARD-mailing list (Organic Agriculture for Rural Development). Please contact Thomas Becker.

Another possibility to get involved, is to join the improvement process for the handbook on local marketing of organic products. You can find the collaborative improvement site here.

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